Top 10 Crypto Currency Below 10 Satoshis in 2021

Hey Friends, I am going to list top 10 digital tokens in which you can invest minimum 1 Satoshis.

Now, you may be thinking is it possible. Are any coin below or less than 10 Satoshis available in the market. 

Many student want to learn about crypto coins. Want to invest in crypto tokens. They don't have funds or money to invest in market. 

I forget to ask. Do you have $0.10 cents in your wallet. Ohhhh this funds can get you millions of tokens in your wallet.

Look how?

1. Gorilla Diamond.

Gorilla Diamond is a crypto coins launched on 04/05/2021. I don't know why they named token Gorilla. Now the price of Gorilla Token is just 0.00000003. Now think if you invest just $1 how much token you can get in your wallet. Look below the screenshot.

Ohhh...How much is this? Please calculate it and tell in comment. I think it might be millions of token you earn just invest $1. 

2. Smart Worth.

Smart Worth is a crypto token launched on 04/05/2021. The value of Smart Worth is just 0.00000020 right now. Invest $1 and get millions of tokens. 

3. Pixl Coin.

Pixl Coin is a crypto token launched on 04/05/2021. The chance of growing this coin is very high in future. Now the price of 100000000 token is just $1. 

4. Sensible Finance.

Sensible Finance is a crypto token launched on 03/05/201. The value of 100000000 sensible coin is just $1. Get the deal right now.

5. Life Token.

Life Token is a crypto token launched on 03/05/2021. The value of 70000000 token is just $1 . 

6. Memes Token.

Memes token was launched on 01/05/2021. The memes token is a joke token. This has lots of memes creator platform supporting the coin. The value of 10000000 memes token is just $1.

7. Eclipse.

Eclipse is a crypto coin launched on 02/05/2021. Eclipse has change to grow in future. The value of 10000000 Eclipse is just $1.

8. Full Send.

Full Send is a crypto launched on 01/05/2021. Full Send coin has high potential. The current value of 10000000 is just $1.

9. Nicheman.

Nicheman is a token launched on 01/05/2021. The value of each token is very low. You can get 10000000 tokens for $1 right now.

10. Papel Token.

Papel Token is news due it name. This token was launched on 20/04/2021. Now you can get 1000000 token in just $1.

Above all the listed token value right now is below 10 satoshis. This value is subjected to change in near future. 



The question is that how to buy or invest in such newly launched coin?

Wait I have the answer for it. You need a Binance Chain Wallet and Pancake swap Account.

If you are using Andoid Phone. You can visit Playstore and download trust wallet. Trust wallet is the best way to link with pancake swap exchange. 

Step 1. Download Trust Wallet

Step 2. Load Money in BNB. Instead you can buy BNB on the wallet.

Step 3. Click on the DApps listed below.

Step 4. Search pancake swap.

Step 5. Click on the pancake swap. Now click on the connect wallet. Connect with Binance chain network.

Step 6. Click on the Exchange and convert BNB to any one the above coin to exchange.

I do not found my crypto token in the search list. How do I add now?

Step 1. Click on the ADD CUSTOM TOKEN

Step 2. Visit Coingecko on Google. Search for the token. Copy the contract address.

Step 3. Paste in the box in ADD CUSTOM TOKEN.

Job is done now.   

Note:- Investment in any digital market currency is subject to loss. Think twice before investment. Do you have knowledge regarding Investment in Digital Coin?