PROBIT Reviews : Professional Digital Currency Exchange in 2021

Probit (Professional Digital Currency Exchange) is a Global service limited company. This exchange is online since 2018. The registration number is 207189. The current representative of the Probit is Ronald Chan.

Probit deals in buying, selling, staking, and exchange in cryptocurrency. It is famous among the small investor in Asia. As Probit allows small investor to invest in crypto and earn profit. 

One more reason traders like Probit due to it initial listing of new token after few hours of launched in the market. More than 500+ token you can buy and sell here. Or stake it for future. Not in free, for staking crypto they will give you 10% interest. 

There is no comparison between Probit and other exchange available on the internet. As because the freedom you get in Probit. You will not enjoy in other crypto exchange. Low withdrawal fees. No deposit fess, all this feature make Probit unique.

Now we are going to learn from beginning to the end. So keep reading the whole article.


How do I register with Probit?


Fill the registration form correctly. Start with your Gmail Address, Create strong password, Confirm the password. Now fill Referral Code (Get bonuses and Cashback). Tick on the I agree to all the of the following and Finally click on the Register button below.

Now visit your Gmail account and verify the Probit account. Now click on the login and you will see the page to set your language and country time zone. After clicking the next you will be asked to save your OTP Recovery Code.  Please write down the OTP Recovery Code (16 digits) and keep it in a safe place. An OTP Recovery Code will allow you to recover your OTP settings in case you lose your phone.

Now configure OTP by using your Google Authentication App. (Download from PlayStore) Just open the app and scan the QR bar code shown on the PC screen. If you are using smart phone. Then enter you OTP Recovery code instead of scanning QR Code.


Step 4 and Final step for registration. Enter you login password, OTP Recovery code and OTP code (open Google Authentication App and you can get the code). Click on the Next.

Now you have registered successfully with Probit account and ready to see dashboard.

Probit is one the best crypto trading site. Now click on the Exchange section and you will get like below screenshot:-


The screen will open like this. Now you can buy and sell your favorate token just in a seconds. New Tokens/ Old Tokens all are listed in Probit.

We are going to learn about deposit and withdraw of funds in Probit. Click on on the wallet section there you will find Balances, Deposit and Withdraw section.

Now click on the Deposit section. Choose your currency and copy the deposit address. Each crypto token has different address. Deposits will automatically be processed after 3 network confirmations. Deposit confirmation can be delayed depending on network conditions. Minimum Deposit requirement is ZERO. No fees will be charged on deposit.

Probit provides easy withdrawal method to their traders. Just click on the withdraw section. Set your withdrawal address and amount you want to withdraw. Minimum withdrawal amount : 0.001 BTC. Probit charges 0.0005 BTC as a withdraw fees.


How can I buy premium coin launched newly on Probit Exchange?

Probit Exchanges for newly launch token is very good. You need to click on the Exclusive section. There you will get information about new token launched. They offer 50% discount for the new comers. Just click any Token and buy it.  

How much can I earn if I stake my token in Probit?

Probit offers minimum 4% return annually on each stake put on their platform. The return can go upto 30% annually.

Note:-  When setting up a stake, the tokens will be locked up and can only be unstaked after a certain period of time. You can set the stake settings for the "Available amount" of the "Total amount." Even after the lockup is released, you must release the stake yourself before the amount is reflected in the "Available amount". 


Above screenshot is just for information. How the Stake works in Probit? 

Choose the staking amount. Get 25% return after 60 days. You can select according to your taste. I am trading with Probit from last 6 months. Never had any problems. 

Only things you need to follow on Probit is that please make sure you remember yout OTP Password Code. If you lose that you lose your wallet.


How do I purchase PROB Token?

PROB token is short form of Probit. You must buy prob token to exchange it in other token or stake it. Just click on my page section. There you will get Purchase PROB. Click on the section. Below screenshot will open for you.

Fill all the details. How much PROB Token you want to buy? Click on the BUY section. Pay with your debit card/credit card now. The process will take less than a minutes.

I have discusses and guided you in every step of Probit. Just follow article you will not face any problem in trading with Probit Exchange.


                               Open PROBIT Account Now


What is Referral Program? How can I make money with the referral link?

Probit offers good referral program. When you share your referral link to any friends and he joins the Probit with your link. You will get 10% of the trading fees by the Probit. They give you referral code and link to share on social media.