Content Writing : The Best Course For Home Based Work In 2021

Content writing is a best option for home makers to learn in isolation or during quarantine period. 

I charge $0.03 per word. Calculate $0.03 x 600 words = $18. The content writing job need writing, thinking and researching skills. The deepen you research the better quality you get. Client satisfaction matters in content writing job. 

When they are impressed from your presentation and writing skills, the earning opportunity grow day by day.

Content writers are their own boss. Choose your working hour. Decide your content price and learn new experience daily.

Job related to content writers:- 

1. Copy writing

2. General and business content writing

3. Journalism content writing

4. Blog writing

5. Freelance writing

6. Academic writing

7. Social Media content writing

8. Technical writing

9. Public relations writing

10. Other: Some other field related to content writing career are fashion writing, children writing, sports writing and lifestyle writing.

Content writing job is available in huge quantity in "The Print Media" and "The Digital Media". 

Now I am going to talk about best site to learn Content writing skills and make money. Anyone can write but the writing skills matter. 

What is the presentation style of content?

How to use grammar?

How to research data online?

When you search online about content writing jobs? There are lots of answer available. We get confuse what to choose or not?


HireWriters is site were you can work and get paid timely. This site accept writers from Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore and Canada.

Minimum you can withdraw $10 per day. The earning depends on your quality of work and the words you write. They accept Paypal as withdraw method.

If you are just starting out and are a "Beginner", if you write a 300-500 word article (very short) you could earn $2.25. If you were an expert writer, you could earn $10.66. If you are a talented writer, you could possibly write more than 20 of these per day or more.


Now, Do you want an article for your magazine, blog or social media post. Just register on HireWorkers as a client. Minimum Deposit $10. Choose your writers and give the detail about your project. If you are satisfied with the work forward the payment. Below is the screenshot per word writers will charge you.



Online Courses And Training.

Always remember online class you buy must have practical training and the teacher who is teaching must of 10+ experience in writing content. In now a days everyone is creating a online crash course for earning money. There content contains nothing.

Example:- YouTubers make video on how to grow subscriber and increase view on video in 24 hours. Just count their channel subscriber. It would be like 10,000 or 20,000. The YouTuber with 1 million subscriber will never teach you how to gain subscriber because they know its need hard work, dedication and quality content to get views and subscriber. There is no hidden secret for success. is no.1 in online course in World. You can get content writing course and after joining they will train like expert. Varieties of writing courses are available. Choose one and get it completed in 3 months. You will need to pay course fee. 

Hey Friends, If you are beginner or fresher. I would suggest that please attend the advance diploma in content writing course. Once you get a certificate of content writer. You can apply in News Channel. You can create your own blog. May some company can hire you on a decent salary.

I have attended the course for 2 week and earned certificate and writing skills in short time. The course fee is not so high. You can easily afford and can attend the course. 

The course they charged you can earn in a single day by writing 1000 words content for HireWriters.

If you are a Citizens of USA, UK, CANADA, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, or NEW ZEALAND. Johnacademy is the best learning centre for you. It will train you in your native language and give you an assignment to test your skills.

The Advanced Diploma in Content Writing is a useful qualification to possess and would be beneficial for the following careers:.

  • Social media manager
  • Technical writer
  • Web copywriter
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • Web publisher
  • Webmaster
  • Advertising designer
  • Marketing designer
  • public relations manager
  • Assistant web designer.

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