UHive Reviews : Legit/Scam in 2021

Hey Friends, As years are getting closer to mark 2025. The life style of people too changing rapidly. The reason might be funny or serious but the true fact is that we are also changing our mood from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to other platform. 

My single question how much Social media make money from your data. I think billions of dollar per month. What they give you in return? Nothing, hands are still empty. You create and post content daily in the social media and make owner more and more rich. 

I think when we create content and post on any social media account. They should share their revenue earned by advertising shown below my post. This only will be the fair deal in future.

UHive is a social media platform where you can post photos, videos, like, comment and even disliking the post get you few cents daily. I am sure you haven't heard about any such type of social media apps/site.

UHive is the world's first blockchain-powered, AI-based, decentralized social platform. It is an innovative social network that introduces a new experience for users, a never-before-seen economy for digital assets with a new innovative. 

                                                                  Sources:- Coingecko

UHive prices is rising steadly in the crypto market. Now suppose you collect 10,000 UHive Token in free just by doing small activities on UHive App. You can earn those token in less than 6 months.

When you install UHive app. There is an option to buy UHive token with real money. Those token can be transferred in your wallet and can be stored for years as you want.

I have joined the UHive platform few hours ago before writing this article. I posted 3 videos of 2 minutes length each. I earn 2 UHive in few hours.

UHive is in its starting age. If you install the app and post content. Each post will surely get more than 100 views in few hours.


I have provided the screenshot of my account. The best thing about the UHive is that you can create your space related to anything likes movies, politics, games, etc. People can also buy your spaces by paying you 1000 UHive token. 

Get ready to enjoy the social media from today. Guess you have collected 1,00,000 UHive token in wallet. Suddenly its value rises to $1 from $0.003 like Dogecoin. Your all dreams can come true.

As Uhive is going popular more and more in public. In coming years it prices will definitely cross $1. 


So Follow only 3 steps right now and start working.

1. Click Here UHive To Install App.

2. Signup with your Mobile number as it is more safe than email ID.

3. Choose your spaces and interest.

4. Create your own spaces.

5. Start uploading content, Like, Dislike, Comment.


What is the Refer and Earn program in UHive?

UHive gives you opportunity to earn more and more UHive token by referring you friends on their network. They give you referral code to share among your friends. Earn 100 UHive Token for each friend you refer. Use my invite code VUZ90M  to get bonus and cashback.