FatBTC Review : How To Open Account And Trade In Cryptocurrency

FatBTC is a private owned company. The main service of the FatBTC is to deal in cryptocurrency. Here traders can buy and sell Bitcoin and more than 100+ digital currency.

True fact is that you can exchange the digital currency which has launched today. Now in 2021 every hours one digital currency is launched on the blockchain. Start investing with $1 in FatBTC with lowest fees compared to other exchanges.

I hold more than 10+ digital currency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin etc. My suggestion to every traders is that please buy digital currency and store it in a safe wallet. The future is all about digital currency. You can earn huge profit from it.


How do I register with FatBTC?

Just follow the screenshot and text I would write for you to guide:-

                                                                           Sources:- FatBTC

Fill the email address. Click on the Get code section and visit your email id. Copy the verification code and paste it into the box. Now choose your favourate password. confirm the password. 


Do you have Referrer UID?

Yes, Use the Referrer UID   u1011196862   of mine to get cashback and bonus right after opening account.

Click on the Signup button. Next look below :-

Now fill the login ID with your registered email ID and password you created right now.

After completing the sign in process you will get the webpage like below:-


Look carefully the above screenshot. Click anyone of the digital currency. I ask you to click on Dogecoin. You may click anyone. You are free to do so. When you click on the Dogecoin the screen will be like below screenshot:-

So now you can buy and sell any Crypto currency. Suppose you want to buy Dogecoin. The Dogecoin value right now is $0.367 approx. Fill the amount of Dogecoin you want to buy and click on the green buy DOGE button. Same method is perform in selling Dogecoin. How much Dogecoin you want to sell. Fill the digit and press sell DOGE. 


What is Piggy Bank?

Piggy Bank is an extra service provided by the FatBTC. In Piggy Bank you can store your digital currency or invest it into it. The investment period may be from 1 day to 365 days. Here you can earn annual return upto 25% on your investment.


What is Exchange and How does it work in FatBTC?

Exchange is a type of service which is used to convert currency one form to another. The fees are charge according to the value of the current market. Most of the currency are like Doge/USD or Doge/BTC. This are the pair of example you to understand clearly. 


Do I need to complete KYC before withdrawal?

Yes, KYC is must for every traders to get it completed as soon as possible. Without KYC you can't withdraw your funds from FatBTC. 

So, You need to verify Mobile Number.

Set your Fund Password.

Set up Google 2FA Authentication

Complete KYC V1 if you are going to trade in or above 2 BTC.

Finally, Bind your Bank Accounts with FatBTC to easy deposit and withdrawal of your fund.

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What is Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program is wide version of refer and earn. Share the link with your friends. If they join FatBTC. You would get 50% commission from the company.

Note:- According to my belief and knowledge all the information is legit and correct. If any mistake found or correction needed. Please contact me.