P2PB2B.COM--- Registered in Estonia and EU-licensed

Hello Friends, Today I going to discuss about the P2PB2B crypto exchange. P2PB2B was founded in 2018. It is located in Estonia .

P2PB2B support over 200 cryptocurrencies and fiat money, including BTC, ETH, USD, and others.

P2PB2B runs token sales of the promising crypto assets, enabling users to easily invest in new currencies. There are also available services for users such as the earning deposit program, regular gamification events - airdrop, trading competitions, referral program games.

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How to Sign Up?

1. Click on Register. Fill Email, Password and Referral code.

2. Visit your Email and click on Verify link.

3. Login Now.

How to KYC account?

1. Choose any of the identity to verify like, Driving license, Passport, etc.

2. Upload Front side and Back side of your document.

3. If using PC then send link on Mobile Number.

4. Click on the link in mobile and open camera. 

5. Now give access to camera and apps to continue.

6. Follow the instruction Now and Upload the selfie.

7. Quit the phone and return back to PC and continue.

8. Fill the survey and answer few question and contunue.

How to buy Bitcoin?

To buy the Bitcoin click on "Buy Crypto" 

Deposit amount and buy Bitcoin. I would suggest you to deposit atleast $1000 and start buying and selling cryptocurrency. Avoid lots of transaction.

P2PB2B is a very simple trading platform and easy to access. You can trade even if you are beginner and do not have experience.

Maker Fees:- 0.2%

Taker Fees:- 0.2%

Currency Pairs:- Available Now to Trade, BUY OR SELL.

Minimum Bitcoin you can withdraw is 0.002 BTC
Transaction Fees :- 0.0005 BTC

Invest 100 or 1000 or 10000 PACT Token and Earn 20% Interest Annually. 
This is the best earning website and 100% legit and approved by EU countries.
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