How to generate 100000 visitors on a blog per Month in FREE!

Hello Friends, Getting started with the article, I would suggest you to read forward only if you are serious with your work. Earning a $100 daily is not a tough task but earning $1000 daily is somehow difficult.

I have seen 100's of my friend starting a blog and failing to generate views. Blog get views only if content is viral and in news worldwide, otherwise it goes into thrash. 

Here I am going to talk about ClickFunnels. This is a scientific proven method to generate visitors on your blog. 

ClickFunnels is only for those who has blog related to product sales or product promotion. 

Calculation:-        If you get daily 1000 Visitors on your blog and product links get daily 50 Clicks means you can convert your click into sales.      

Suppose you are promoting a Weight Loss Program Guide on your blog. It cost is $25. If you sale 5 copy of the Weight Loss program guide daily. Your earning will be $25*5=$125. 

Working from home is like working like a king. No boss, No tension, No work pressure free life and full fun.

Above calculation of earning is for beginner, but when your blog starts getting monthly 100000 visitors. Your earnings can goes upto $10000 monthly. Now when your blogs get visitors, you can also place adsense or any other ads network on your blog. So double earning per month. 

Here the question is How does ClickFunnels works?

See the screenshot below:- 


ClickFunnels helps you to create a landing page were you can collect millions of emails address. It helps to reach every one who likes your product. Clickfunnel will teach you the whole process in FREE!

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I joined  ClickFunnel as 14 days FREE trial in 2019. At that time I was getting 10,000 visitors monthly on my cryptocurrency blog. My earning was $400 per month after running Adsterra ads and cracking few product sale.

Now it's has been 3 years and my earning has also increased. My last check was of $3500. I think you should be consistent with your work. Follow the ClickFunnels steps and wait for the check. 

Improve your writing skills and post 3-4 article month related to product you want to promote online. 

There is no quick rich system, if such system is available than it is scam.