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Hello Friends, Do you know how much you can earn by selling e-books, service or any products online.

You are graduate and read lot of books about how to interview, how to make money, etc. But exactly did you ever thought how much do the writers of such e-books earn per month. According to data, it is about 10K per month. 

An Example:-

You created/wrote an e-book on weight loss.   Book Title: "I lose 40 Pound in 9 Weeks".

You would love to promote this book to millions of readers. 

The question is How to promote easily and reach millions of buyers?

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Believe me your e-book has potential to make you rich every month. Just you need proper guidance and solution to your question rising in your mind related to e-book promotion.

I sold 200 copies of my book "How to make money on Quora?"

One book cost is $50 * 200 = $10K.

As a beginner start with free plan, learn how systeme works and what are the process to create an e-book.

If you are serious in your e-book business try to invest $100 per month and take advantages of all the features which are helpful to generate leads/sales to your e-book.

I guarantee you, that you can easily earn $1k in your first month of business.

The e-book you write must be of meaning and knowledgeable and useful to readers. 

Step 1. Click on Funnel

Step 2. Click on create and fill all the required details.

Step 3. Click on Emails

Step 4. Click on campaigns

Step 5. Click on create and fill all the required details.

Step 6. Click on Products/Sales

Step 7. Click on courses

Step 8. Click on ADD A NEW COURSE

Step 9. Fill all the details asked and click on SAVE.

Note:- Having any problem please read blog available on systeme site.