Review_Highest Paying Shiba Inu Faucet

Hello Friends, Today I going to discuss about a Shiba Inu Faucet site which pay you for watching ads, completing offers, visiting shortlinks, playing games, achievement, bonus and many more.

The best part is that if you have any affiliate links to promote than you can promote by clicking on the Buy Ads--Create Ads.

I joined Bitefaucet today before 2 hours writing this article. I earned 2500 Shiba Inu coin in 30 Minutes. 

                   Visit Official Link <----------------BiteFaucet.Com--------------->

I transferred my earning to my Coinbase wallet:-

Calculation is simple:-    1 Day = 2500 Shiba Inu Coin

                                        30 Day = 75000 Shiba Inu Coin

                                        100 Days = 250000 Shiba Inu Coin

Shiba Inu coin price is very low now. So I suggest you to hold atleast 1 Million Shiba Inu coin in 2022. Suppose the prices of Shiba Inu jumps to $0.001 than your 1 Million Shiba Inu value will be $1000.

Working on Bitefaucet is very simple. Minimum Withdraw is very low only 5000 coins.

Each time you claim faucet they gave you 1150 Coin

Each time you click Shortlink they gave you 5000 coin

Claim daily bonus 1000 Coin

Claim Achievements 10000+ Coins

Spin and Earn 500 to 50000 coins by Luck.

So, Overall the Bitefaucet is a very legit site and paying currently when I am writing this article.

Above screenshot is of Spin and Earn. You need 25 energy to get spin chance. 

How to get Free Energy?

Free energy can be earned from visiting Shortlink and Claiming Faucet daily. There is unlimited way to earn free energy on BiteFaucet.

What are the cryptocurrency you can earn on Bitefaucet?

There are 5 cryptocurrency which can be earned and withdrawn from the Bitefaucet till now. In future site can add more crypto tokens. 

The currency available for withdraw right now are:-

1. Bitcoin

2. Tron

3. Shiba Inu

4. Litecoin

5. Tether.

How to withdraw your earning in your wallet?

If you want to withdraw Bitcoin, Tron, Litecoin, Tether than you would have to choose FaucetPay wallet. Create FaucetPay Wallet Now.

If you want to withdraw Shiba Inu than you need Coinbase wallet.

Above screenshot is just an example of my account. You have to select any of the above cryptocurrency and in Wallet Address ..... Fill your Email Address. (Email Address must be connected with your FaucetPay wallet or Coinbase Wallet).

What is Referral Program?

Referral program of  Bitefaucet is more good than any other faucet site. Bitefaucet gives you 30% commission on referring your 1 friends. 

Suppose :-              Friend                Daily Earning                 30% Commission

                                  1                     100000 Coin                        30000 Coin

                                  10                   1000000 Coin                      300000 Coin

                                  100                 10000000 Coin                    3000000 Coin

How to create Ads?

Creating Ads is very simple and easy. But why do you want to create ads? I think you want to promote affiliate links, blog or some kind of videos.

Requirement for Creating Ads:-

Above screenshot is just an example for creating a ads. I have created a just simple ads for you.

For Creating ads you need minimum $0.50 in you wallet. You can visit deposit section and fill the amount and click to deposit.

Join BiteFaucet.Com

Conclusion:- So friends, Now you can join Bitefaucet without any doubt in your mind. I have proved it with screenshot from my account. My Username is a Pradip1996. 

Note:- 1000 Coins = 15 Shiba Inu Coin