----- Monetize your crypto website as Publisher or Advertiser

Hello Friends, Today I am going to discuss about AdsFirm. This is an advertising platform that focuses on the crypto industry.

This article is only for those who are related to the business of Cryptocurrency. Either you are an advertiser or a publisher.

A publisher is a person who promote a links, banner, etc and for that publisher earn Money or Bitcoin.

An advertiser is a person who want clicks, sales, etc., for that advertiser pay money to publisher. 


How to create ads?

1. Sign Up

2. Sign In

3. Click on Publisher

4. Click on New Sources

Screenshot like below will open infront of you.

5. Fill your Domain    Example:-

6. Click on create and your domain will be approved instant. No minimum view are required on your Faucet website.

7. Refresh the AdsFirm page. Now, Click on your domain name. (Available below Top Sources)



8. Click on New Ad Units

9. Fill all the details, which type of ads do you want to publish on your faucet website.

10. Now, Click on Get Code!

11. Copy the code and paste it on your Faucet website.

12. It's done!

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