Review_How to claim 200 Megalion Airdrop Just Now

Hello Friends, Megalion is a Decentralized website were you can buy sell trade and stake cryptocurrency. Currently it has 20+ crypto to deposit, withdraw and trade. So, you can sign up here

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How to register?

Just follow step by step.......

1. Click on Register


2. Fill all the asked details . Very your Email address. Now sign In. 

3. Make at least 1 transaction to transfer your Megalion token to your SPOT Wallet.

4. Now Click on Wallet, then on Fiat and Spot, here you can see your Megalion Token. 

5. 1 Megalion Token value is $0.050 means 500 Megalion Token = $25

6. Best thing about Megalion exchange is that it's staking profit is higher than other similar exchanges.

See Examples:- 

Megalion has also smart staking system were you can earn 40% to 60% on listed coins for staking. I think you must register for the website and look yourself. 

Refer and Earn program is simple. They don't pay you money. They pay Megalion token for each successful referral from your account. I think it is good but not as like Binance.

Look at the future of Megalion. You can earn $1000 on the site in a few month. When they will pay for participating in the Airdrop and Public sale events.