Blood Sugar-How to control sugar level in your body?

Hello Friends, According to the 2018 report 34.2 million people of all ages or 10.5% of the US population had diabetes. Every 1 person out 10 is suffering from Diabetes. 

Have you ever thought about your diet?

What is your Sugar level?

What exercise do you do to reduce your blood sugar?

All question above asked is very important for who is working 9 to 5 job. Mostly the people who are employed in a IT sector, food services, banking, suffers a lot. We do not know that the food we are consuming daily contains what level of sugar in it? Seriously, we really do not care about it.


If you ask me about my diet, I am a food lover. At morning I start my day with coffee and snacks, lunch heavy and oily food and in evening dinner oily food and drinks. I never cared about my health.

Now when I see my body it looks a round body with belly fat. I feel uncomfortable in my dress. Is shy abut my dressing. Always fear about my shirt button and keep my shirt and jeans adjusting several times a day in office. I lose my confidence that ever I will go for a date.

Main problem started when I was unable to run ever for a 10 minutes a day. I lost every time due to fatness. I tried everything and every exercise to control my blood sugar but it didn't work. 

I read lot of articles on the topic "How to control blood sugar?"

My Suggestion:-

@Eat fresh green vegetables like bitter melon or bitter gourd

@Wake up daily at 4 A.M and start some simple exercise especially running , jogging, etc

@Stop eating foods that contains high calorie and oil

@Avoid sleeping after meal in afternoon

@Take herbal medicine