Wordpress website or Blog Monetization Cools Tricks and Program in 2021

Hey Friends, Blogging is very easy to start as a career in 2021. One of my friend who is engaged in blogging business since 2019 is still fighting to monetize his blog.

As a blogger you will absolutely search in Google how to monetize my blog with Adsense or how to get approval quickly from Adsense. Most of the beginners do not no about the Google Adsense policy. Due to huge numbers of bloggers in current years Adsense only approve blog with quality and not quantity.

Millions of videos are available on the YouTube on how to monetize Wordpress blog in a seconds. Do you really think blog can be monetize in seconds or hours. According to my research Adsense can take upto month. Adwords can take upto to few weeks. But out of 1000 only 5 blog are approved by the Ads company.

When I started blogging I was alone and no one was to guide me. I started with starter pack on Wordpress and created my blog. Untill now I have written 22 articles. Most of them are reviewing website and apps.

But how do I earn, means How do I manage to survive as a blogger?

Blogger earns not only from Adsense but there are various method we can earn though blog on monthly basis. My monthly earning is $300. All the earning come from Affiliate marketing and Adsterra (Alternative of Adsense).

I am not going to waste time by discussing on Adsterra, but I can give you short description about it.

Adsterra does not require any minimum eligibility.

Adsterra allow blogger to withdraw minimum $5

Even your blog is getting less than 100 view month you can join Adsterra.

Speedy Links is a software made for Wordpress site. I has tried this software for about 6 month when I started blog. It helps blogger to generate keywords and clickable links for you site/blog. It will helps you to get more traffic from USA, Canada, European Union, etc. The software give you 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not find it useful you can claim refund within 30 days of order.

I again telling you I used Speedy Links for 6 month to increase traffic on my blog and to monetize it easily without any expert. They will guide you on every step to monetize your Wordpress blog.

Remember blogs never get popular in one day. You will have to wait and work hard for your blog to monetize. Once you reach 1000 unique visitors daily. You will become eligible for Adsense.

Monthly 30,000 visitor means $150-250 per month in Paypal or bank account. So try your luck.

I will suggest you to get ten day trial of Speedy Links and if you don't see positivity or improvement. Ask your money back. Speedy Links has almost 18,000+ users right now. They are making money by monetizing their Wordpress blog without any hard work or effort.