View Advertisement and Earn Money: Best Sites in 2021

Have you ever thought about making money online? 

I was 15 years old when I earn $0.50 cents. Few days later I earned $1 by solving 1000 captcha. No one was there to guide me about money making. I was alone and searching and working on various sites claiming to be legit and displaying income proof. Few sites were legit and many more site was fake. Every out of 1,000 PTC sites only 5 sites I found legit.

My personal suggestion to all my readers please don't waste you time on sites who ask you too:

1. Make few cents deposit before withdrawal of earning.

2. Bring referral before withdrawal of earning.

3. Click 100 or View 100 ads before withdraw.

4. Don't follow PTC sites income proof, they may be fake.

5. Read reviews of users who are already a member before signup. 

Here I come with information of few PTC sites who really pay user for viewing website and surfing ads. I will show you my earning dashboard. Main motive of PTC sites are refer and earn. You earn 10% of your friends earning. Suppose your friends earn daily 100 Satoshis you will earn 10% of it (10 Satoshis). Now I ask you do you watch movies on YouTube? Are you online of Facebook? Do you know someone who want to make money? For all this question there is only one legit answer. Please share your referral link to all social media platform.

Target daily 5 referrals and make them work for you. Your work is to just promote the referral link and revisit referral dashboard to view your earnings. Calculation is not hard. Look at the screenshot below for easy understand of you referral earning.

                                                          Source:- awebanalysis

Above screenshot show many hidden profit of satoshis earning daily. Your satoshis can be converted into USD and transferred to your bank account directly. I have earned $1,000 and more working like this on few good and highly paying trusted site. Now I am going to share some website name were you can earn like a boss and will never look after any other job.

1. adBTC

The website which pay user to surf ads and solving captcha. I have withdrawn 2 times from adBTC to my FaucetPay wallet. Minimum withdrawal amount is only 2,000 satoshis. You can earn easily 100 satoshis daily. As your rating increases you earning will all increase no doubt.

Referral Program:- 10% from you referral surfing earnings. 5% from your referral advertisement spending. Lets see screenshot as a proof of referral earnings.

                                      Source:- adBTC (Click me to Join now)


Are you ready for more surprise and cool tricks for earning 25,000 satoshis. Read below more patiently.

In above referral screenshot you can easily see the Green Arrow sign and the Orange sign in last.

Green Arrow:- Green Arrow sign means this referral can be sold to other. Price is decided by you. You may bid highest amount like 30k or 50k according to the earning of your referral.

Orange Sign:- Orange sign mean I have placed the bid and ready to sell my referral to someone else on a certain price. I have bid 25,000 satoshis. You can do the same thing.

Are you thinking about more information on adBTC site should be revealed by me here? Just don't go anywhere read below. 

All the activities you need to complete daily. 

Drawbacks:-  Ads are not visible to anyone. You need to visit every hours to earn. Every hour you must click on the Surf Ads to look is there any ads available to view and earn. 

Advantages:- You can earn Rubble. Ruble is Russian currency. Earning can be withdrawal to Payeer wallet. You can also use earning to promote your referral links or any other links in adBTC.



2. Coinpayu

The website which pay user to view ads and complete offers. One of the users I have chat with him on Telegram group has withdrawn several times from Coinpayu to his FaucetPay wallet. Minimum withdrawal amount is only 2,000 satoshis. You can earn easily 100 satoshis daily. They give you points on you visiting sites. The point start from Zero and goes upto 100.

Referral Program:- 10% from you referral surfing earnings. You earn up to 20% of your advertisment sales. You earn affiliate commission from your invited users when they click advertisements and do offers. Let's see below screenshot of referral earnings commission.

                                                         Source:- Coinpayu (Click Me To Join Now)

Pros:- Take part in referral contest every month and get chance to win $400.

Cons:- Very few ads available to watch. Offers are also less.

Conclusion:- If you compare between adBTC and coinpayu. I think you are correct adBTC is good. adBTC is very old site and paid upto 10 Bitcoin. Coinpayu is new compared to adBTC. So start working with this two. If any more earning website I found which is legit. I will update my post soon.