OKEX Review: Best cryptocurrency exchange in 2021

I am trading in Bitcoin since more than 2 years. I have invested in several crypto currency in last 6 month undoubtly in Dogecoin and earned like a big bull $1,000 in such a short period. From my college days I was quite interested in Crypto currency. Let's me share a short story with you. When I was in school (Xth Grade) I first time heard about Bitcoin. The news was "Bitcoin has crossed $10,000". I was thinking and thinking. I searched on the Internet I found that a man in USA has purchased burger paying 10,000 Bitcoin online to the food service company. Second search was how much does Bitcoin value in 2009. I think $0.10 cents. I was shocked and getting crazy about investing in Bitcoin. But I couldn't do anything at that time was in hostel and not having mobile phones or PC.

Hello Friends, I know you are having some question about above story of mine. The best example is Dogecoin. In 2020 the value of a 1 Dogecoin = $0.006. Now in 2021 the value of 1 Dogecoin = $0.40. What did you learn with the example?  Investing in crypto currency is risky if you invest blindly. First read news and try to prepare a report on crypto in which you are going to invest. In past 6 month Dogecoin has increased 900% of its value in current year and positioning it to rank 6th in the term of value and investment.

OKEX is a cryptocurrency exchange with advanced and proper financial services. It rely on blockchain technology to provide everything you need for wise trading and investment. There are hundreds of crypto and trading pairs. With OKEX, you can join one of the leading crypto exchanges by trading volume. They are serving millions of users in over 100 countries. Apart from futures, you can learn about spot, margin, options, and perpetual swaps, DeFi, lending, and mining services.

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No matter in which country do you live. Which language do you speak? OKEX is based in 100+ countries with more than 7+ languages. 

How do I register with OKEX?

OKEX has an easy and simple registration process. First you have to click on the signup button. Now you have to enter you email ID and Set your password. After you have to visit your email ID and get access to you code which you have to enter on the form that OKEX will provide you.

Now Screen will popup like below screenshot:- 


Suppose you want to buy crypto of $100. You need to click on buy crypto. Now many people own Bitcoin in term of satoshis earned from various faucet site ( Earn daily 500 satoshis viewing and surfing ads in adBTC  and Coinpayu). You can directly transfer satoshis in OKEX by clicking on deposit crypto. 

How do I secure my OKEx account from phishing and hackers?

OKEx has double security layer to protect you account from hackers and phishing attack. First you need to set strong password. Next you must active Google authentication and try to verify you mobile number, as because every login you will receive OTP in mobile. Now your account get double protected and get less chance to lose it.

Let's verify my account:- 

You need to verify your account to withdraw your earning to other wallet or exchange (only when withdraw amount is higher). If you are an individual traders than you need to select individual account. Now click on continue- 

Next the form will open were you will need to select you country, Full Name and ID number ( Pancard, Votercard, Passport, etc). After filling all the details you need to submit form.

I want to open demo account and learn about trading in cryptocurrency. Would I get real experience while trading?

Select one of the option you like to enjoy while trading. When you open demo account you get three option to choose any one of them. Don't worry you can change the option in future. I think anyone who is going to learn trading will start from No trading experience selecting option 1. Learning never ends in life of any trader. Choose spot trading or derivatives to learn and gain experience.

How can I earn rewards and cash as in form of Bitcoin?

Rewarding makes OKEX a No.1 site and cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto market. This site pay users for every activities they do in 30 days of account opening. 

1. Make your first crypto purchase for $100 or more via Buy/Sell receive $10 in free BTC.

2. Deposit funds for $100 in total and receive 30 USDT Rebate Card.

3. Trade for $100 in total and receive 50 USDT Rebate Card.

4. Download OKEX Android app and earn Bitcoin for learning and doing small tasks.

Note:-  You need to complete all the tasks within 30 days after registration. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim rewards. For crypto purchase task, only the first purchase counts. You can’t try again if your first purchase doesn’t meet the requirements. I think only this statement is drawbacks of OKEX which makes the reward system weak and people are not interested in refer and earn.

What are the benefits of joining OKEX affiliate program?

When you refer some new investor on OKEx site they will pay you 30% as commission of their trades.
Users can sign up or log in with your link. After this, you'll start earning % of their trading fees. You can access to your daily referral statistics and data.