Metatrader 4 Local Trade Copier in Foreign Exchange Market 2021

Hello Friends, I am going to share my journey in Forex market. When I started researching and collecting data about Forex market and how its work? It was not a great experience as I wasted lots of money and time. I open demo and real account in many online website. I started losing confidence sometime and even my mental peace. I was always depressed due to losing money in Forex market.

I am graduate and writer at Quora. I have zero information or knowledge about investing in Forex market. I don't know what is strings. I can say loudly that 99% of the trader who invest in Forex market ends up with losing money.

I started looking for professional or expert trade rules and guidance. I worked hard for 4 month searching of some good software were I can copy the trade which has been already profited few minutes ago. I came to know about MT4. 

What is MT4?

MT4 is an automatic software were you can copy trades in just 2 seconds and it can end upto 10 deals in a day. MT4 is a silent money maker for any traders. You will just have to copy the trades asked for software to do. I can say MT4 is a master which will guide for every single trade you will like to bid in future.

What is Local Trade Copier?

Local Trade Copier is a special software for MetaTrader 4 platform which helps retail Forex traders and account managers duplicate trading positions between multiple accounts running on the same computer/VPS so they won’t need to repeat the same trade operations on each MT4 platform individually.

How Forex Trade Copier Works on MT4?

1. Prepare MT4 trading terminals for copy trading

2. Install LTC Server EA into MT4 master account(s)

3. Install LTC Client EA into MT4 client account(s)

4. Attach Server EA to MT4 Master account(s)

5. Attach Client EA to MT4 Client account(s)

6. Start copying trades from master to client accounts.

                                                                  Sources: MT4Copier

Why do I need a software to trade in Forex market?

Forex market is very broad and complex. People trading in Forex market more than 10 years are too losing money. We are starter and in the first step of learning and investing in Forex market. I have made $12375 using MT4 software untill now. I do not know about market or even I do not follow news about market situation. Being a beginner investor I would suggest that please don't try to act confidence in such huge risky market.

Last thing about the pricing of the software. I have taken the screenshot for clear understanding about the pricing and the plans you would prefer in beginning. All the plans are monthly and having much more content in each plan. You would get full satisfaction in one month. I am sure you will rebill the program many times. 

The most important thing about the MT4 software is that you just need a computer with Internet connection and your job is done.

                                                                Sources:- MT4Copier

Choose one of the plan which is suitable for you in beginning. I would suggest you must go with LTC Manager as it is most popular among the newbie traders.

What is the refund term and condition?

You can claim refund within 30 day of your subscription and get full amount refund after reviewing your purchase plan. They don't have any trail offer right now. So you can test the software for minimum 1 month plans.

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